At Trakka Systems, we are 100% committed to continuous innovation and customer satisfaction. We apply experience, talent and focus to set new standards in the market – improving performance; enhancing functionality; minimising size, weight & power; improving safety & reliability whilst maximising exportability; and reducing overall cost of ownership. Combining advanced innovative technology and exceptional customer service, our mission is always to ensure your mission success. Our leading edge, high quality products provide active and passive critical vision solutions for a wide range of missions that include law enforcement, search & rescue, border security, military force protection & ISR, emergency medical services, utility inspection and environmental surveys.

Sustained Success

Gyrocam received strong endorsements from the US DoD, becoming a prime contractor on key programs and recognized for its strong capabilities across delivery, service and training performance. From 2003 to 2009, Trakka’s founders grew Gyrocam’s sales revenue from $3m to approximately $200m per annum. The company was subsequently sold to Lockheed Martin. From 2010 Trakka’s founders focused again on disruptive searchlight technology, establishing Trakka as the leading brand in the market and delivering over 1000 searchlights to date to many of the key end users and manufacturers in the helicopter industry. In 2015, capitalizing on Trakka’s strong branding and position in the searchlight market as well as the founders’ vast knowledge of camera systems, Trakka’s founders formed the Trakka Systems group, in order to be able to jointly market an expanded ISR offering together with Swesystem AB (now known as Trakka Systems AB). The addition of a world class range of cost-effective, exportable, high-end gyro-stabilised camera systems has positioned the Trakka Systems group to provide a broader based ISR systems business offering with both active and passive critical vision technology.