Fully Certified and Accredited

Your mission success is always our first priority: we single-mindedly focus on delivering the best possible product and customer experience for all end-users. Not only does our innovative design and production expertise deliver peerless illumination or imaging excellence, but all Trakka Systems airborne products are designed to meet and/or exceed the most stringent requirements set by the aviation industry and are put through the harshest testing and qualification regime including accelerated lifetime testing. The TrakkaBeam is the only searchlight that has been qualified to DO160F in internationally recognized and certified laboratories in Australia, Germany and the U.S. Tests undertaken to qualify to DO-160F include vibration, EMI and EMC susceptibility, magnetic effect, and lightning strike. The TrakkaBeam is also certified to DO-178, providing the assurance that our embedded software is robust and provides for safe and reliable operation. Our Australian design and production organization is AS9100C registered and holds CASA APMA. Our USA facilities are FAA-PMA and FAA-145 approved and will soon receive EASA 145 supplement approval, and our Swedish facilities are well underway to obtain both EASA POA and DOA.

Certification Process Overview

In order to distribute Trakka’s systems globally to aviation platform end-users, Trakka has had to complete rigorous certification processes with aviation regulatory authorities and OEM auditing teams, in accordance with aviation industry design and production standards. These testing requirements encompass a wide range of standards assessing product operational capability, reliability, and safety thresholds. Additionally, Trakka’s manufacturing and supply-chain control processes have been assured at all levels. By applying robust configuration management practices and AS9102-compliant first article inspection processes, Trakka has demonstrated its ability to apply positive control over all aspects of the product lifecycle. Trakka has worked closely with various aviation regulatory authorities, including CASA, FAA, and EASA, in order to achieve relevant design, production and servicing certifications. This has included meticulous review by these agencies of Trakka’s entire production and support processes, from design and documentation to end-user support/service. In order to comply with stringent industry manufacturing quality standards, Trakka employs a third party oversight organization, Lloyd’s Registry, to periodically audit our compliance to certification of ISO and AS9100 standards.

Design Approval

Civil aviation regulatory authorities, such as CASA and FAA, review all elements of the Trakka design process. These agencies scrutinize final product conformity to approved data and mandate continuous operational oversight of delivered product. In the event field actions are required, Trakka has the know-how to provide effective control of technical issues and maintains a robust process for providing instructions for continued airworthiness.

Product & Support Approvals

Under its CASA APMA approval, Trakka Australia is authorized to issue CASA Form 1 for products produced under the APMA. Under its FAA-PMA, Trakka US is authorized to issue FAA Form 8130-3 for new production parts and spares, as well as Form 8130-3 for parts repaired, modified and overhauled under its FAA 145 repair station approval. Dual-Release approval to meet EASA requirements is pending for Trakka’s US repair station, in order to be able to handle product service for Trakka’s customers operating under EASA rules. Trakka Sweden is being prepared for EASA Part 21 G PMA approval, as well as Part 145 repair station approval.

Trakka Systems and its various products have successfully achieved the following certifications and qualifications: