Mid Range Price; Generous Features

  • LAND
  • High Resolution I/R Camera
  • HDHigh Resolution Color 
  • Intuitive Operation
  • Gyrostabilized
  • Universal Mount 
TrakkaCAM - SWE 300 LE
SWE-200 LE


The SWE-200 LE is a compact and lightweight dual-LRU multi-sensor surveillance system offering day and night mission capabilities. With a diameter of only 200mm, the SWE-200 LE is the only product in its class that provides a fully digital 4-axis gyro-stabilized platform making it the ideal choice for installation on small aircraft, rotorcraft, UAVs and land vehicles where size, weight and cost are challenging factors. The SWE-200 LE can accommodate various payload options, including uncooled & cooled thermal imagers, HD TV cameras as well as a laser range finder. Video target tracking, geo-location, and various remote interface options are available.

Product Overview

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