Trakka ‘s TM-100 Map & Video Management System brings a new solution to mission management, one which is designed to perfectly complement Trakka’s range of sophisticated camera systems. The TM-100 provides a mission management solution which:


  • Map overlays on Video (Augmented Reality)
  • 3D Map View with Flexible User Control
  • Includes Street Map or Satellite Views
  • Real-Time Display of Sensor Address
  • Map, Video, Split, Picture-in-Picture Views
  • Intuitive Touch-Screen Controls
  • Point by Click, Address, Intersection or Lat/Long/Alt
  • Supplied with Continent-Wide Base Data
  • Easy Integration of User Maps and GIS Data

  • Displays Aircraft & Sensor Breadcrumbs
  • Paints Sensor FOV Coverage Polygons
  • Ground-Track Speed Estimation Modes
  • Digital Video Recorder with Metadata
  • Includes Integrated Audio Recording
  • Low-Cost, Full-Featured Solution
  • Plug & Play with TrakkaCam products

TrakkaMaps TrakkaMAPS Interface